Repair Kit (Rebuilt Kit) for OER [OREP-00xx]

Repair Kit (Rebuilt Kit) for OER [OREP-00xx]

Price: JPY6,380(tax included)

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Price: JPY6,380(tax included)


Item description

Rebuild kits for OER Carburetor (rebuilt kit OER/SK carb.)
*SK carburetor and OER carburetor are exactly the same.


[Kit contents]
1. Parts no.9 Fuel union gasket
2. Parts no.37 Needle valve gasket
3. Parts no.38 Needle valve 1.8
4. Parts no.54 Pump ball
5. Parts no.56 Pump jet O-ring
6. Parts no.59 Pump jet gasket
7. Parts no.61 Idle mixture screw
8. Parts no.62 Idle screw spring
9. Parts no.98 Screw pump plug O-ring
10. Parts no.99 Screw plug O-ring
11. Parts no.100 Cold start cam O-ring
12. Parts no.101 Screw plug O-ring

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Item No. OREP-00xx
Origin Japan
Size 40mm,45mm,47mm,50mm
Net Weight 60g/set
Gross Weight 300g/set