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Please complete payment in advance.
If you ordered it, it is considered that the following condition was agreed to.

The price specified on the face of the Contract shall be firm and final, and not be subject to any adjustment as a result of a change in Seller’s cost which may occur due to change in material or labour costs or in freight rates or insurance premiums or any increases in taxes or duties or imposition of any new taxes or duties.

All taxes, export duties, fees, banking charges, and/or any other charges incurred on the Goods, containers and/or documents arising in the country of shipment and/or origin shall be borne by Seller.

Seller agrees to ship the Goods within the period stipulated on the face of the Contract. In the event Seller fails to make timely shipment of the Goods、 Buyer may, upon a written notice to Seller, immediately terminate the Contract or extend the period for shipment, in either event without prejudice to any of the rights and remedies available to Buyer.
Seller shall notify Buyer immediately upon completion of the loading on vessels or aircrafts stipulated on the face of the Contract the particulars of shipment including the Contract number, vessel's name or flight number, sailing date, loading port, description of the Goods, packing, quantity loaded, invoice amount and any other particulars essential to the Contract.

Seller warrants that:-
(1) the Goods shall fully conform to the description of the Goods on the face hereof, and any and all data and materials shown as the basis of the Contract, such as specification, sample, pattern, and drawing, etc.
(2) if the Goods are found not to conform to the above conditions and proved to be so, if necessary, by an independent inspection authority in Japan, Seller shall refund satisfactorily to Buyer through consultation with Buyer.
(3) the Goods shall be marketable, free of defects and fit for the purposes of Buyer or Buyer's clients.
(4)such warranty as described in (1),(2)and(3)above shall not be waived by reason of inspection and/or acceptance of the Goods or by the payment therefore by Buyer.

Upon arrival of the Goods at the premises of Buyer, Buyer shall immediately inspect the Goods at its own cost. If Buyer finds that the Goods do not conform to the terms and conditions of the Contract, Buyer shall, within 7 days after the date of such arrival, give to Seller a written notice of claim specifically setting forth its details. Buyer reserves a right of reimbursement by Seller for compensation for such non-conformity.

Buyer shall not be liable for any delay or failure in taking delivery of all or any parts of the Goods, or for any other defaults in performance of the Contract, due to the occurrence of force majeure, such as acts of God, war or armed conflict, or any other similar causes which affect Buyer and/or Buyer's customers directly or indirectly.

If Seller fails to Perform any provision of the Contract, or is in breach of any term hereof, or becomes insolvent, Buyer may, by giving a written notice to Seller,
(1)stop or suspend the Performance of the Contract or any other contracts with Seller.
(2)reject the shipment or delivery of the Goods.
(3)cancel the whole or any parts of the Contract or any other contracts with Seller.
(4)dispose of the Goods, if delivery has been taken, in such manner as Buyer deems appropriate and allocate the proceeds thereof to the satisfaction of any or all of the losses and damages caused by Seller’s defaults.
In any such event, Buyer may recover all losses and damages caused by Seller's defaults, including but not limited to, loss of profit which would have been obtained by Buyer from resale of the Goods and caused to any customer purchasing the Goods from Buyer.

Seller shall not transfer or assign all or any parts of the Contract or any of Seller's rights or obligation accruing hereunder without Buyer's prior written consent.

All disputes, controversies or differences arising out of or in relation to the Contract or the breach hereof shall be settled, unless amicably settled without undue delay, by arbitration in Japan in accordance with the rules of procedure of The Japan Commercial Arbitration Association. The award of arbitration shall be final and binding upon Seller and Buyer.

Buyer shall warrants to and in favor of Seller that the goods is used in full compliance with all safety and operating procedures set out in the operation and service manuals, if any, all instructions given by Seller and all applicable laws and regulations regarding the safety handling and operation of the goods.

The Contract shall constitute the entire and only agreement between Seller and Buyer with respect to the subject matter hereof and supersede, cancel and annul all prior agreements.

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expected arrival date 3-7 days
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We shall inform you of the shipping fee later.

Certain items may affect shipping rate.


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(1)You obtain 1 point by shopping for 20yen at our shop.
(2)You can use 1 point as 1yen at our shop.
(3)The terms of validity of the point is one year from final shopping day.

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