OER Racing Carburetor

This is different!
Including inside part, the whole is made in Japan.
High Quality. Convincible performance.

OER Corporation was originally established in Osaka, Japan in 1956 under the name “SK Engineering Ltd.”.
Today, SK carburetors are successfully used by tuners and racers alike through out the world.

Since the company’s inception in the 1960’s, SK/OER has developed a variety of automotive performance products, and acquired a number of patents. In 1991 the company name was changed from SK Engineering, to OER Corporation. Through out the years carburetors were shifted from selling under the SK brand name, to being sold the OER brand name.

World renowned for their quality, performance, reliability, and durability,

OER carburetors are the modern day choice for your classic vehicle, or racing application where a quality side draft carburetor is required. OER carburetors are produced using advanced product design and technology, along with OER’s over 40 years of experience in product development and motorsports.

We sell the OER article any place other than Japan insubstitution of OER Corpration.

In other words we are their specialty export agencies.

Therefore, only we can sell pure OER product directly.

*We can sell OER products all over the world except Japan.

*Shipping Charge is not included in a price.

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*Price is Japanese Yen.
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