D-CON Racing Computer

D-CON Racing Computer

Price: JPY1,960 - JPY85,800(tax included)

Prices vary according to options.

PARTS Select
D-CON Racing Compurer for 4 cylinders
D-CON Racing Compurer for 6 cylinders
(option parts) Injector general-purpose wiring For 4 cylinders
(option parts) Injector general-purpose wiring For 6cylinders
(option parts) Harness for simultaneous ignition For 4 cylinders
(option parts) Harness for simultaneous ignition For 6 cylinders
(option parts) Pressure sensor
(option parts) Water temperature switch kit
(option parts) New air valve kit

Price: JPY1,960 - JPY85,800(tax included)


Item description

D-con the racing computer(analog fuel controller) 81,900Yen

The control of throttle control position sensor + pressure sensor became possible thought it was a control on the sports injection computer only with the pressure sensor so far. Moreover, full increase and the turbo interface in the rotation region were build into and the setting in the wide range become possible considerably.

It is the general-purpose computer which it can make also the combination with the sport injection KIT simple, it can correspond according to engine tuning. Attaching D-con I/F to the former sport injection computer, also it is possible to use the throttle position sensor.

It can be used for both NA and turbo.

[Kit contents]

1. D-con itself
2. D-con I/F
3. Pressure sensor
4. Harnesses sets
5. Push button switch for starting
6. Warmth and coldness selector switch
7. In addition you install, part set

Injector general-purpose wiringFor 4 cylinders6,050yen
For 6 cylinders8,250yen
Harness for simultaneous ignitionFor 4 cylinders1,980yen
For 6 cylinders1,980yen
Pressure sensor16,500yen
Water temperature switch kit6,600yen
New air valve kit13,200yen