Idle Rise Kit for Twin Carburetor

Idle Rise Kit for Twin Carburetor

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Item description

Idle rise kit for twin carburetor for IDLE-UP !

Engine load (the air conditioner and the headlight etc.) engine rpm did not go down to the occasion where it caught in the model which installs the multiple carburetor, did not stabilize and/or that something problem had occurred.

This kit was produced in order to evade this kind of condition. In other words, in order it idles to raise the appropriate secondary air it is the kit which it stabilizes supplies to each cylinder.


The secondary air which was adjusted from the air governor is distributed equally via the private air delivery body, to each cylinder is supplied from the private insulator.

* As for adjustment of the secondary air there are 2 types of main type and sub type, adjustment is possible from idling to when cruising.

* When accelerating rapidly and as the acceleration malfunction does not occur in regard to when climbing, the diaphragm piston of the governor itself works, supply of the secondary air is cut off temporarily (knocking prevention).



Idle rise kit for twin carburetor (Air Governor Kit)


for Four-cylinders
for Six-cylinders

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Origin Japan
Size Four-cylinders, six-cylinders
Gross Weight 150g

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